Last Saturday I took part @ B74 Selected Goods x Filson Event WHISKEY & WAX. At the same time the B74 Crew and family celebrated the 9th Anniversary of this great concept store. It was really something special for me to meet Michael Uhlemann c/o cuisine-m in person. Over the last months we have had constant contact by fon and mail and it was time to see! What a wonderful person – a friend! It was a smooth atmosphere seeing some people waxing their stuff or just watching how correct waxing is done while others tried American Whiskeys. And me I made a nice find: American Single Malt Whiskey made by WESTLAND. What a great Taste and what a fluke, the distillery is in the same road where the Filson Headquarter is. Just ordered a bottle 😉 | © phptos | LTG by Eric Jost


He guys, on Saturday the 28th of October my friends and client B74 Selected Goods will do a “Whiskey & Wax” event with Filson from 12 pm to 7 pm. I will also be there to do some nice shots.


Filson’s Tin Cloth coats and pants will protect you from wind, rain, brush and worse for a generation or more – if you maintain it. When the wax comes off, you’ve got to add more. Join the event for a crash course on how it’s done, while you sip on some good American Bourbon. Feel free to bring a garment or a bag that could use a fresh coat. Furthermore B74 Selected Goods will celebrate its 9th Anniversary on the 28th. We all want you to be part of the B74 Selected Goods Family and join this special day with us!
© photos | Filson & Christian Schramm


I hate this f***ing and senseless discussion about having a beard or not, and even more talking about  being a hipster because having a beard … ??? A beard is just a beard! A sign of manliness, something you live with, something you have to care about … a part of you. I just feel sorry for those, who wear a beard as a sign of fashion or trend. Me, I wear different beard forms since the early 90s, but never without since this time. Everything started with a typical „GRUNGE” beard and I asserted that my head looked a bit smaller with it – an optical decision for the first time. I tried a lot of beard styles from the mustache over a “Coop” to this full beard today, sometimes shorter, sometimes longer, sometimes fuller, sometimes straight. So my devise is: “STAY BEARDED” and show the world that your beard however it looks like is YOUR statement, YOUR statement of personality and not a f***ing fashion trend. I was so happy when I found this great snapback at the THE OLD STREET BARBER CO website. They do grooming products for bearded men. I will test these soon. The caps are limited editions. At the flat peak I am working on, because I don’t like this style so much. It is high quality made, THE OLD STREET BARBER CO labeled inside and the 3D “STAY BEARDED” embroidery is awesome. And great they give me 2 pins with the caps that made my day already! pics | LTG




Hi guys, first blog post 2016. I am sorry, but work was so hard and busy the first days of the new year. After a complete working through weekend it was such a pleasure to get a big parcel from SOUL OBJECTS BERLIN as a present – yes, as a present – this monday. What a superb surprise! Thank you so much soul sisters and brothers Melanie Rieman, Kornelius Werhahn-Mees and Oliver Hausner you made me really happy this day. What a perfect start for this week. And the best is, that I will have fun for weeks with this stuff. I noticed that the soul family send a lot of new products I do not know by now – exciting. I will try everything hard and tell you about the stuff at Life Time Gear. I am really curios about the new pomades from The Iron Society, Brooklyn. I got them all – 3 different sorts … YES! Also the products from The Brighton Beard Company make me very curios. Isn’t the design of the tins, the soap and the bags nice? Also the Laboratorio Avere La Barba products – MADE IN ITALY, inspired by the force and intelligence of nature  … Thanks again for this SOUL FOOD! pics | LTG


What a nice box design and even better the content – 4 OTTER WAX products for your boots, leather jackets, belts, for really everything made of leather: Saddle Soap, 2oz, Leather Salve, 2oz, Leather Oil, 5oz, Boot Wax, 2oz, Flannel Buffing Cloth. So this kit contains all 4-Steps to comprehensive leather care! All products are made with natural ingredients to ensure that they work with all types of leather. Made in Portland, Orgeon.
•  Use Saddle Soap to gently clean your leather and remove stains
•  Use Leather Salve to restore softness and repair cracking
•  Use Leather Oil to polish and revive the natural shine
•  Use Boot Wax to protect and create a waterproof seal

It’s simple but true: That’s all you need … Check the short film below.

In Europe the OTTER WAX LEATHER CARE KIT is available at:
Jeanswerk/ St. Gallen/Swiss
Dantendorfer/ Salzburg/Austria
British Parts/Flawill/ Swiss
Les Raffineurs/ Paris/ France
Zooloose/ Basel/ Swiss
Boutique Gilles/ Verbier/ Swiss
Fabrikat/ Zürich/Swiss
Jeanslife/ Winterthur/ Swiss
Cultizm/Münster/ Germany
Adisgladis/ Stockholm/Sweden
Marco Serafini/ Servigliano/ Italy
Shoecorner/Oslo/ Sweden
and for sure @ European OTTER WAX Distributor B74/ Germany
pics | LTG || vid | Otter Wax


Otter Wax: Leather Boots Tutorial from Aubree Bernier-Clarke on Vimeo.


The days before Christmas I will post some present ideas for your wish list or maybe you will buy something special for a friend, brother, your dad or someone else. I will start with something really small and affordable but with most effect. Yesterday I went to Olli The Barber and got my cut refreshed. He gave me the new DAPPER DAN X-AMS EDITION pomade and the smell flashed me. I got the one with a Christmas glove scent – fantastic. There are 2 more scents: Christmas and cinnamon. These pomades are heavy weight and high quality made of wool and bees wax. The Christmas Edition is not the cheapest but guys these pomades rule and are really something special! More infos about the ingredients please check Pomade-Shop.de .pics | LTG


when i went to the post office yesterday i did a short turn to VOLLS, checking some new stuff KLAUS got the last days. i was really excited about the new SPIEWAK GOLDEN FLEECE jackets. especially the WAXED DECK JACKETS i like a lot. these DECK JACKETS were some of the most favorite jackets for the US FORCES in the 1940s. SPIEWAK was the official manufacturer of the us navy and air force and so the first maker of the nowadays famous and classic deck jackets. they are available in classic olive and navy blue with a shearling collar. both are made of waxed cotton. the camouflage jacket is an absolute damn f***ing must-have item. it is really special but so nice. i am sorry that i don’t have any more informations about it – i was flashed that i forgot to ask KLAUS about some facts. check volls.de, i think the jacket will be soon online in KLAUS’ shop – the deck jackets are online right now. the down filled AVIATION SNORKEL PARKAS are a contemporary interpretation of the famous and classic N3-B PARKAs from the 1950s. these are nice too but mainly useful with their TEFLON coated, wind and water resistant outer fabrics and a lot of other practically features and details. And especially the price is unbeatable for such a jacket. check the stuff @ volls.de for more information. pics | LTG





as a frequently reader of my blog you must know that i am a great fan of the classic DANNER LIGHT BOOT. i own one pair that i mostly wear for the activity this boot was rather made for: hiking. but sometimes i take my DANNERs to the city or somewhere else because of the great comfort and the heritage and iconic look. today i found this wonderful boot which is done in a collaboration between DANNER and great BALL AND BUCK. this means 1000% americana! this DANNER LIGHT uses a special leather that’s saturated with oils and wax. i love the 10oz camouflage flanks so much and the subtle blaze orange heel stitching. Check the list below for all the features. this boot is a must-have, but only a few sizes are left … and for sure the boot is strictly limited. pics | Ball and Bucks