Damn, I love this book. There isn’t a day since I bought it that I did not take a look inside. The idea is amazing and I had to laugh all the time. The graphics are so reduced to the maximum and so simple, sometimes childish but always 1,000 % to the point.  “This is the perfect book for film buffs and anyone with a sense of humour or a short attention span.” I Got the German issue, but in ther imprint i saw that there must be an English original issue from 2013 with the title “FILM IN FIVE SECONDS” published by Quercus Publishing Plc, London. The book is made by MATTEO CIVASCHI and GIANMARCO MILESI – well done guys! The pictures you’ll find below are just some of my absolutely most beloved films.  150 Movies in graphics … where to start? Where to end? The next days I will give you the right titles to the graphics. But I think you’ll know a lot. Photos | LTG || Graphics | MATTEO CIVASCHI and GIANMARCO MILESI


What a wonderful book. A friend of mine ULI GASPER gave me the hint that i had to check this graphic novel as a beard lover. So I did. It is amazing. THE TIMES says “This book is a the same time a satire, a cut-off and a catastrophe film – an experience”. THE OBSERVER: “This book must be a classic”. THE GIGANTIC BEARD THAT WAS EVIL or in german, “Der gigantische Bart, der böse war” tells the story about Dave, who is living in a land called HERE, where all people live  a monotone and regulatory overkilled life. When Dave begins someday to think over the sense about this f***ing world he lives in, a gigantic beard begins to grow: a shocking occasion which made such a chaos to Dave’s life and the whole land he lives in. This graphic novel is a bow to these great names: ORWELL, KAFKA and GODZILLA. So exciting, so very well drawn – a wonderful book done by STEPHEN COLLINS who lives in London. 240 pages, hardcover, 21,5 x 30,5 cm big. pics | LTG


he guys, the next days before christmas i will tell you what i would put on my wish-list for santa claus when i were you. all this stuff i own myself and for this it is guaranteed life-time-gear approved. i will start with this fantastic books.

maybe you remember LTG post about VINTAGE PANERAI HISTORY 2 from july 2013. i was exalted about the book that i read it completely in 2 days. and believe me, this book just as HISTORY 1 is not only for PANERAI lovers. the stories about the KAMPFSCHWIMMER and their adventures and experiences during WWII are really fascinating and impressive. both books VINTAGE PANERAI HISTORY 1 and 2 are available at: www.vintagepanerai.com .

here some sentences from the authors VOLKER WIEGMANN and RALF EHLERS about these two fascinating books.

Watches with History – History 1: This book documents the stories of three german “Kampfschwimmer” units, their training in Italy and northern Germany, their missions at the eastern front in the last weeks of the 2nd world war, followed by the story of the commander of the italian submarine “Ambra” who delivered SLC and Gamma units to their target zones at the harbours of northern Africa. These four personal stories are building the columns of moving chapters together with detailed views on their watches, using latest extracts of the authors’ database of today existing vintage Panerai watches. The result of years of intensive research, diary extracts, interviews with the veterans, combined with more than 250 historical photos, maps, documents from allied secret services and 30 illustrations are writing Panerai’s unique history. 26 x 26 cm, 420 pages, trilingual (= german, italian and english language in one book), hardback jacket, slipcase.
Watches with History – History 2: History2 continues where History1 ends – the 2nd volume documents five previously unreleased stories of frogmen units of the 2nd world war. Their personal stories are building the columns of five moving chapters together with detailed views on their watches and instruments, using the latest extracts from the authors’ database of today existing vintage Panerai watches. Years of intensive research, diary extracts, interviews with the veterans, combined with more than 290 historical photos, maps, documents from allied secret services and illustrations are writing Panerai’s unique history, having been a supplier for an essential tool in dangerous underwater missions during the 2nd world war. 26 x 26 cm, 480 pages, trilingual (= german, italian and english language in one book), hardback jacket, slipcase. all pics by VOLKER WIEGMANN


it would be a lie if i would say that i am not a bit proud of being co author of photobook DARMSTADT II DER ANDERE BLICK. as the title tells you this is the second DARMSTADT book of photographer CHRISTIAN GRAU and pilot ANDRÉ RISTO. all pics show DARMSTADT my hometown city from the view of a plane. and believe me this is great: it is as the german booktitle says THE OTHER VIEW. and the guys are really crazy, because sometimes they went down less than 300m to get the best view for the perfect shot. a flying altitude that is absolutely forbidden over cities … okay. yesterday evening there was a vernissage for an exhibition at the biggest bank in DARMSTADT where both show some highlights of the new book and i got my first copy because of writing some lines beside my most beloved pic: HERRENGARTEN, DARMSTADT’S central park … every author should write something about DARMSTADT. i did a comparision between FULDA, the city i was born, the city i still feel at home too because of my parents and my brother and his family, friends and a lot of memories from the past and DARMSTADT, the city i live meanwhile since 1988, damn, for 26 years. a lot of people told me that they like the comparision because you have to think a bit before understanding what is meant. and so i am really angry about the guy who did the english translation – he did not understand what i was writing. blockhead, this was the last time, i give something i wrote without an approval to print. the resume: FULDA | DARMSTADT … it is like it is: HOME! pics | LTG 

sorry, but this is written bullshit: this translation has absolutely nothing to do with the lines i wrote in german … 

 Georg Sellner CEO of Sparkasse Darmstadt and Christian Grau

 Christian explaining how it works …

 André explaining what’s about flying 


it was pure luck finding this really funny and exciting book written by, for me unknown, “PARKS & RECREATION” actor NICK OFFERMAN. in his first book he shares his “humorous fulminations of life, manliness, meat, and much more”. i just had the time to read over the first pages and it is great! here a short description by the editor: “Growing a perfect moustache, grilling red meat, wooing a woman, who better to deliver this tutelage than the always charming, always manly Nick Offerman, best known as Parks and Recreation’s Ron Swanson? Combining his trademark comic voice and very real expertise in woodworking, he runs his own woodshop. Paddle Your Own Canoe features tales from Offerman’s childhood in small-town Minooka, Illinois, “I grew up literally in the middle of a cornfield”, to his theater days in Chicago, beginnings as a carpenter/actor and the hilarious and magnificent seduction of his now-wife Megan Mullally. It also offers hard-bitten battle strategies in the arenas of manliness, love,  style,  religion, woodworking, and outdoor recreation, among many other savory entrees., A mix of amusing anecdotes,  opinionated lessons and rants,  sprinkled with offbeat gaiety, Paddle Your Own Canoe will not only tickle readers pink but may also rouse them to put down their smart phones, study a few sycamore leaves,  and maybe even hand craft (and paddle) their own canoes.” pics & video | Nick Offerman, LTG