Last week  I got a big envelope. Thinking “What’s in there?” I checked the writing of the address … okay, this was written by someone who knows what he does: so nice! KIM “THE BUTCHER” SCHREINER send me something. But, not something: a gift pack of 2 illustrations “The Native Pack”, which contains two A3 nitroprints on recovered dead stock paper signed, numbered and embossed. I got #17 … f***ing amazing! And more … the envelope contained also two “Bull Piss” poster, format A3 limited to 51 pieces. These are Risoprints on Black Meta Paper … so awesome. One for me, one for Uwe Maier c/o Amtraq Distribution as a THX for something. And I got a lot of “BUTCHER” sticker, I love sticker, and these are really cool. Thx Kim! It was a pleasure to get all these things … thank you so much! Check Kim’s Online store and his website! What a great artist! pics | LTG | art | KIM “THE BUTCHER” SCHREINER


since years i wear these belts made by DUKES VINTAGE ARTISAN: 24/7. all belts i bought at KLAUS was one of the first dealers offering these beautiful stuff. this is what he says about: “Dukes finest Vintage stands for selected, unique and handmade originals. The collection is a very exclusive range of extremely rare belts. After selecting and cleaning each belt with special composed leather lotions all emboss and paint is applied. Every step to produce these character loaded originals is done by around 200 handmade steps to guarantee a unique and authentic vintage lovers item.” yes. here some pics of my own belts and the top #04 of belts you can order @ or to put on your xmas wishlist. pics | | LTG 

LTG’s top #04 @

LTG’s DUKES belts