2 new knives join my knife collection. Again 2 knives from my friends @ PassionFrance®. I am not a big fan of LAGUIOLE knives but when I saw this piece made with an INOX handle I knew it was a must-have. I like the cold and square-edged grip of this cool and clean knife a lot. Take a look at the smart ornaments, clear lines. It is about 11cm long when it is closed with a welded bee. The Sandwik blade is rust free. For more information please check the PassionFrance® site – there is too much to say about LAGUIOLE … The second knife i had to have is this wonderful THIERS liner-lock with a handle made of buckhorn. The absolute opposite to the INOX handle: a nature textured grip – organic. The THIERS is very clean done too: pure clear lines, no needles bric-a-brac, and easy to handle. I love it! More information: PassionFrance®. For sure all knives are made by hand in France! pics | LTG


I got this little companion months ago and I think this is a really nice daily knife to carry with you. Not to big, nice to touch and not so expensive – perfect for your personal wish list or as a present for some one who appreciates this beautiful LAGUIOLE by PASSIONFRANCE. I am proud of my little knife collection from PASSIONFRANCE but I must tell you that this small LAGUIOLE is the knife I mostly take with me since I got it. It has a welded bee, the blade is a 12C27 and the handle bar is made of bone. I love the details like the “croix berger” called Hirtenkreuz in German and the simple graphic “Ressort” on the back behind the bee. The open knife is 17 cm long; folded just 9 cm. For more information about the history of LAGUIOLE please check the new very well done PASSIONFRANCE website. There you can order a really great selection of French knives for all occasions, knife accesoires, … And everything is wonderful detailed described. A great option: you can customize your knives – check it! pics | LTG

 My small collection of PASSIONFRANCE knives:


yesterday evening i went to PASSION FRANCE with OLLI THE BARBER, KLAUS, c/o VOLLS and UWE E. MAIER c/o AMTRAQ. we went there because UWE got a gift coupon from us when he celebrated his 50 birthday this year to choose a knife @ PASSION FRANCE. WOLFGANG & SABINE received us in their showroom and it was so amazing. damn: so many knives, one nicer than the other. WOLFGANG & SABINE told us all the details and stories about the different types of french knives. it was so exciting and it was really difficult for UWE to decide which knife he should take. at least it was a classical LAGUIOLE – a pretty one. good choice UWE, have fun with your knife! pics | LTG