I hate this f***ing and senseless discussion about having a beard or not, and even more talking about  being a hipster because having a beard … ??? A beard is just a beard! A sign of manliness, something you live with, something you have to care about … a part of you. I just feel sorry for those, who wear a beard as a sign of fashion or trend. Me, I wear different beard forms since the early 90s, but never without since this time. Everything started with a typical „GRUNGE” beard and I asserted that my head looked a bit smaller with it – an optical decision for the first time. I tried a lot of beard styles from the mustache over a “Coop” to this full beard today, sometimes shorter, sometimes longer, sometimes fuller, sometimes straight. So my devise is: “STAY BEARDED” and show the world that your beard however it looks like is YOUR statement, YOUR statement of personality and not a f***ing fashion trend. I was so happy when I found this great snapback at the THE OLD STREET BARBER CO website. They do grooming products for bearded men. I will test these soon. The caps are limited editions. At the flat peak I am working on, because I don’t like this style so much. It is high quality made, THE OLD STREET BARBER CO labeled inside and the 3D “STAY BEARDED” embroidery is awesome. And great they give me 2 pins with the caps that made my day already! pics | LTG




As a constant reader of LIFE TIME GEAR blog you must know that I am a great fan of EBBETS FIELD FLANNELS caps. I own a lot of because I love this heritage, classic and authentic look. Beside, the fit is perfect. When I order a 7 1/4 it is a 7 1/4 – every cap has the same fit and believe me this isn’t the norm i f you compare to other labels. Some days ago I discovered the woolen CHARLIE BROWN baseball cap which is the result of a collaboration between 60s counterculture-inspired brand TSPTR – which stand for Truth, Symmetry, Pleasure, Taste, Recognition – and EBBETS FIELD FLANNELS. Certainly made in the USA of a grey melange wool with an adjustable leather tab and calf leather trim. “CHARLIE BROWN” is constructed with the same soft wool which is used for EBBETS’ vintage baseball uniforms – great, isn’t it? This is my first EBBETS which is not made to size and the fit is perfect too. I know it from the moment on I took it out of the parcel which came from CALIROOTS: this is a new Life Time Gear piece. pics | LTG


as you know i am a fan of bow-ties. 2 months ago i bought the first neckties ever. both patterned: one camo and one with anchors – what else –, i learnt how to tie the “AMERICAN” way and just some days later i discovered HEPVILLE’s DENIM SELVEDGE NECKTIES at facebook. it took me 3 weeks more to think about if these are must-haves. and indeed they are. each necktie is made of 8oz. selvedge denim, has a loop strap with selvedge details, are 57 inch/144 cm long and 2 9/16 inch/6,5 cm wide at the end. they are hand sewn shut with a hidden slip stitch. the blue one has white and red selvedge at both ends, the khaki beige and green neckties have white selvedge at the ends. for sure this stuff is handmade in germany by BELA the man behind HEPVILLE CUSTOM CLOTHING. check his ETSY shop there is much more great stuff like caps, vests f.ex. pics | LTG


not only 2 more for my cap and hat collection: these 2 TOPO DESIGNS caps. they are special because of their classic look and because of made in the USA. most caps you get today come from anywhere … f*** … i owned these last december when UWE  E. MAIER c/o AMTRAQ did a sample sale @ b-74. the red one i nearly wear every day since i bought it. great fit, cool looking. you know that TOPO sponsors KIAM, son of KAMI owner of RED WING STORE FRANKFURT and B-74? one of our best BMX artists in germany. check this out: KIAM pics | LTG | pics KIAM UWE E. MAIER or KAMI himself …


saw this cap and i knew i must have it, because i like HARRIS TWEED stuff so much. this began with my first NIGEL CABOURN TENZING JACKET in 2008. i like the grip and the function of this great fabric from scotland. damn, this cap was online @ CALIROOTS on monday. on tuesday all items were sold. no wonder … the cap is MADE IN USA, has an absolute classic look, you can wear it with a rounded visor (as i do) or contemporary flat, inside there is a leather stripe, so the fit is perfect even if you sweat. the color is a dark woolen blue – perfect. and the best, no McNARY logo outside – just the nice usual HARRIS TWEED label in fornt of the cap. one of my absolute favorites and sorry, couldn’t find it anymore, anywhere in the www. pics | LTG


some weeks ago i did a great ebay deal: i could get 2 vintage nice worn in vintage FILSON caps for less money. and the best, from inside the caps look nearly new – take a look at the labels and tags. no smell, no sweat, just a perfect condition. the green cap is made of genuine oil wax cotton, custom made in the USA, the orange one is made in china. damn – i hate this! pics | LTG