A few days ago I got an envelope addressed by ONDURA. ONDURA? I heard about but where? And while opening i got an idea: i know it from the BURG & SCHILD blog. Yes, ONDURA DURABLE GOODS is the Label behind German LEENS JAN ONDRA. He has an interesting story and I am really happy, that he send me this great sunglass case to check it … and for sure for me it is an honor to write something about it. The case from the “Black Bear”-Edition has a great touch, made of 3 mm high quality vegetable leather. It is hand sewn and the “nose” is made from European beech wood. Because I also wear optical glasses I know what a good glass case makes a good one: and this one is a perfect one. The functionality is impressing even when I put my fat framed glasses to it. It is always easy to close the case, nothing is to tight, to bulky. Next time I will order the another one – I think a tan one. And for sure everything is made by hand here in Germany. Sustainability is really important for LEENS. The leather he uses is from a small tannery just around the corner and all the other needed stuff is from the region he lives. His motto is “Local Goods – Think global buy local.” Authenticity and durability are a matter of course to the products he creates and produces. The product range is growing constant. Please hheck his site for more information about this creative craftman and his work. pics sunglass case | LTG // others pics | © ONDURA


this hand made necktie by great BELA c/o HEPVILLE CUSTOM CLOTHING is the 4th one i own. wonderful! i got it today, took a look and i must tell you: it is perfect. the necktie is made of 100% cotton, hand sewn shut with hidden slip stitch, pre-washed by hand to soften the fabric, 144 cm (57″) long, 7,5 cm (2 7/8″) at the widest point. it’s a must to check BELA’s ETSY site: HEPVILLE. isn’t this a nice combination in the pics below: vest | POST OVERALLS, shirt | ENGINEERED GARMENTS, necktie | HEPVILLE CUSTOM CLOTHING … pics | LTG