Always nice to get a present. Even nicer when it is like this – great! Olli The Barber gave me the wonderful LIFETIME LEATHER CO mug when I got my haircut refreshed one week ago. LIFETIME LEATHER CO produce all their stuff by hand in Arizona. This style is named LINE 19. The Mason Jar is a 16 ounce glass, lid included. The cover and the saddle stitched hand hold are made of durable American saddle leather with an embossed LIFETIME LEATHER CO logo. They do different sorts and sizes of bags, belts, key chains, wallets … the complete leather range and all things can be customized f.ex with your name or initials. Visit the LIFETIME LEATHER CO shop @ ETSY. pics | LTG


Last Sunday I went to B74, Frankfurt/Main, Germany to visit my buddy Kami. B74 was open on Sunday because in Frankfurt there was the gigantic “25-Years-German-Wiedervereinings-Party” – most shops opened their doors and the city was crowded. This little LEVI’S LEATHER GOODS gimmick was lying at the desk and it looked so wonderful – just while lying there as it wanted to say: come and take me with you 😉 … but Kami: “Not for sale … even for buddies – no chance”. Okay, he just got 2 of these and the first owner of this pretty hand-stitched baseball was standing beside me. So proud of his daily companion. This piece of leather is really nice to touch and to handle, press and turn around in the hand … so f***ing relaxing. But this short story came to an happy end, because Kami gave it to me – he wants to check LEVI’S for a third one. Unfortunately I can’t give you further informations about the ball because you don’t find anything about in wwww – no chance – and I do not know anything about the history of baseballs and how they are made. When I got the ball out of the cotton bag I put some RED WING SHOES mink oil on it. The ball got an even better touch and a nicer color – I am excited about how my new „Handschmeichler“ will age … pics | LTG