As a constant reader of LIFE TIME GEAR blog you must know that I am a great fan of EBBETS FIELD FLANNELS caps. I own a lot of because I love this heritage, classic and authentic look. Beside, the fit is perfect. When I order a 7 1/4 it is a 7 1/4 – every cap has the same fit and believe me this isn’t the norm i f you compare to other labels. Some days ago I discovered the woolen CHARLIE BROWN baseball cap which is the result of a collaboration between 60s counterculture-inspired brand TSPTR – which stand for Truth, Symmetry, Pleasure, Taste, Recognition – and EBBETS FIELD FLANNELS. Certainly made in the USA of a grey melange wool with an adjustable leather tab and calf leather trim. “CHARLIE BROWN” is constructed with the same soft wool which is used for EBBETS’ vintage baseball uniforms – great, isn’t it? This is my first EBBETS which is not made to size and the fit is perfect too. I know it from the moment on I took it out of the parcel which came from CALIROOTS: this is a new Life Time Gear piece. pics | LTG


if you read the LTG blog frequently, you know that i am a great fan of orange colored things. this autumn, i got that wonderful GOLDEN BEAR jacket. its color is called TEXAS ORANGE and the label inside says it was made in july 2013 especially for AMTRAQ distribution of GB in middle europe. the cut is named #15 and for me it is a classic VARSITY JACKET. it has a lot of fantastic details and it is so well done. this is highest quality as it has to be for a LIFE TIME GEAR piece … great. beside, i got my MELTON WOOL SLIM FIT BARRACUDA JACKET from B-74 in frankfurt, germany. please check the GOLDEN BEAR site for the story behind this great heritage company if you do not know by far. pics | LTG