got this wonderful red colored DOUK-DOUK from – KLAUS sells PASSION FRANCE now. and for sure i did not know since yesterday that this french classic knife is available in a wonderful rich enamel red – a must-have-item. and the best i got it as a present from KLAUS … thx buddy! formerly the DOUK-DOUK was designed to be sold in french colonies. the engraving on the handle of this knives depict a “DOUK-DOUK”, a native mythological character. my red DOUK-DOUK shows “THE SORCIER” (the sorcerer). the knife is still made from stainless steel in france, its blade is a “turkish clip” contour and its handle is folded steel-metal. it has very slim proportions so that you can put in any pocket. beside, DOUK-DOUK is the preferred knife of the FRENCH FOREIGN LEGION. for much more information please check . my DOUK-DOUK is kept by a OBBI GOOD LABEL MTC wallet chain – love this. its great when you can put a knife to your pant this way. the red DOUK-DOUK CHROMATIQUE is delivered in a red soft leather slip case so that you could put it to your belt. a steel honing rod is included too.  … pics | LTG


i love my wallets from TANNER GOODS. so i needed these in black and oxblood. as you see in the pics below the oxblood colored is my favorit. i own it now for a year and since i got it, i wore it nearly everyday. just changed sometimes to the black one or the TANNER GOODS card holder. the wallets are made of 3.5 oz HORWEEN CHROMEXCEL, feature four cards slots in which you can put easily more than just one card, two interior pockets for cash and receipts, one zippered coin pocket, which i do not use because of avoiding my cards crashing. each wallet is burnished, dyed, waxed and stamped with the TANNER GOODS signature maker’s mark by hand. the oxblood wallet i usually combine with the original LONG TETHER and sometimes with a lanyard from PETER FIELDS. the black one i combine with an OBBI GOOD LABEL wallet chain i got from BURG & SCHILD. AMTRAQ does the distribution for TANNER GOODS in germany, austria, switzerland, netherlands and belgium. please check this link where to get this perfect wallets: AMTRAQ stockists. pics | LTG


last week WOUTER sent me my new LJ BRAVE shirt and a key holder from his collab with BRAVE by great OBBI GOOD LABEL. it is a pitty that i do not need a new wallet … the key holder is awesome handmade with best quality oxblood chromexcel HORWEEN leather. so nice the embossed LJ anchor and BRAVE logo. i am really excited about the aging  of this piece in everyday use. beside the oxblood version it is available in OGL natural Vegetable-Tanned and OGL HORWEEN black chromexcel leathers. corresponding to the key holder WOUTER offers a coin/card holder. very nice too. the OBBI GOOD LABEL used their new concept “BRAVE” in a collab with an european brand for the first time. the shirt is a sperfect as the white ones i bought some months ago. textile and print are best best quality and the fit is perfect. really: fitting and convincing. for more information about the collaboration, the stuff and the LJ shop, check the LONG JOHN site. the stuff is just produced in limited quantities. pics | LTG & LJ