@ first some really great news for all RWS aficionados: The Online Store of Red Wing Shoe Store Frankfurt, Germany, has reopened after a complete relaunch:! And I love this clean graphic style so much. I do not want to see the 877th rugged or vintage look-a-like page. Complements. Kami you did a perfect job with your team! So we did a test shopping some days before the shop went online … the result was the brand new limited RED WING #8882 – a perfect online order: Ordered in the morning and the next day the boot arrived. The online order process itself is very simple, fast and smooth … it works!

Constant readers of LTG Blog know that I like blue RWS a lot. Two years ago I got the indigo colored classic work #8100 Oxford from Japan and I still love it. The #8882 is the same shoe just 6″ high like the classic #875, moc toed, made of Indigo Portage Leather and completed by the Traction Tred Cushion Crepe Wedge. Very nice is the brown ending of the bootleg – a small detail, but I love the contrast between the rich blue and brown leather. Another nice feature: you don’t get only the standard Red Wing Shoe Laces but a second pair made of leather. The leather laces look very nice but for me these are not so practical. Okay guys … these blue beauties are limited – order your #8882 @ Red Wing Shoe Store Frankfurt online right now. pics | LTG

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