@ first some really great news for all RWS aficionados: The Online Store of Red Wing Shoe Store Frankfurt, Germany, has reopened after a complete relaunch:! And I love this clean graphic style so much. I do not want to see the 877th rugged or vintage look-a-like page. Complements. Kami you did a perfect job with your team! So we did a test shopping some days before the shop went online … the result was the brand new limited RED WING #8882 – a perfect online order: Ordered in the morning and the next day the boot arrived. The online order process itself is very simple, fast and smooth … it works!

Constant readers of LTG Blog know that I like blue RWS a lot. Two years ago I got the indigo colored classic work #8100 Oxford from Japan and I still love it. The #8882 is the same shoe just 6″ high like the classic #875, moc toed, made of Indigo Portage Leather and completed by the Traction Tred Cushion Crepe Wedge. Very nice is the brown ending of the bootleg – a small detail, but I love the contrast between the rich blue and brown leather. Another nice feature: you don’t get only the standard Red Wing Shoe Laces but a second pair made of leather. The leather laces look very nice but for me these are not so practical. Okay guys … these blue beauties are limited – order your #8882 @ Red Wing Shoe Store Frankfurt online right now. pics | LTG


Sometimes I don’t wanna wear a boot or an oxford … sometimes I just wanna wear a sneaker. So I am really happy that ADIDAS relaunched a lot of shoes I knew and loved when I was a young boy and a teen; f.ex. the STAN SMITH or the SUPERSTAR 80S. Some month ago I bought my 1st SUPERSTAR since 30 years. So nice to watch down to the feet: back to the eighties. I took the white blue and orange “Superstar East River Rivalry”. Because of so much comfort, a really hot summer and my love for this special sneaker I ordered one more I completely personalized my own. Just white and off white. Damn, when I took my new SUPERSTAR 80S out of the box I was really amazed! Love it! I took the white soft leather for the uppers, the 3 stripes are made of structured tumbled leather and i choose off white laces and an off white sole. The heel with the ADIDAS logo is also made in this nice soft white leather. So nice the embroidered ADIDAS logo on the tongue – very smart. The best: there is no model type at the side of the shoe where normally the SUPERSTAR type is placed – just clear. Super special: my name written at the backside of the sole with a laser – understatement! For sure this will be a new Life Time Gear piece! pics | LTG



Love this Chevy shit. I am a great CAMARO fan and also a driver of an amazing 4th generation orange beast. But beside i rather love nearly all the classic Chevys from the 50s to the late 70s and early 80s. So iI was really surprised that one of my absolute favorites will be produced again: the Chevrolet El Camino. Found this information @ They write that 2016 the El Camino will be launched. And this what the Bold Ride site tells about this spectacular launch: “2016 Chevy Camaro’s debut is just around the corner. With it, comes the new lightweight Alpha platform and a host of different engine and power options. Indeed, the next generation Camaro is looking to take on Ford’s Mustang and hoping to squash the rivalry once and for all. But the use of GM’s Alpha platform had us wondering what else Chevy could do with it. It already sits under the ATS, CTS  and upcoming Camaro, but there seems to be endless possibilities for the lighter, more advanced frame. That’s where this El Camino SS concept comes into play. Sent to us on Facebook by way of the Camaro5 forum,  this future look at a new El Camino has us drooling.” The original El Camino was produced between 1959/1960 and then from 1964–1987. Check out the nice vintage folder and brochures below – so nice graphics – what an awesome car! pics | Chevrolet // Folder & brochures collected by Old Car Manual Project










nice: CPT. HADDOCKS sweater. found this incredible piece this morning at relaunched swedish SIVLETTO online shop. it is made of 100% cotton by swedish JUMPER FABRIKEN: best quality. it looks so nice and comfy. i think, a good and extraordinary choice for this fall and winter and especcially for TIM & STRUPPI, pardon, TINTIN fans. pics // SIVLETTO // ehapa