Hi Guys, for those who did not hear about the collaboration between RWS Store Frankfurt, Germany, and me, now you know it. Since 1 1/2 year I feed the Instagram – @redwingfrankfurt –, the Facebook and Twitter – – accounts of the oldest and very first Red Wing Shoe Store outside the USA. And it is a great pleasure for me to do that, day by day. Working with friends, working for friends, working for maybe the best shoe brand of the world – yeah, it is indeed a great honor for me to do this! Before we start working together there was a long and deep friendship with Kami, Store-owner, and the other guys of the great Red Wing Frankfurt family. Our team work was a logical consequence and a win-to-win situation for us Red Wing aficionados. And I think  we do a good job – our number of followers is growing day by day. So come on and be part of the Red Wing Family and follow us, too 😉 … pics | LTG and others


Over the last days Red Wing Heritage Women launched new styles.

The Short Engineer #3358 in a beautiful Sand Mohave Leather. As the other Short Engineers #3354 in Black Boundary Leather and the #3356 in Copper Rough and Tough Leather, the #3358 features also a Vibram 430 Mini Lug, a cushioned insole and a slimmer and for women a comfortable and perfect fit.

Sarah Besgen, a well known Polaroid artist, actor and acting teacher, who is living in Berlin is presentingRed Wing’s new Carol styles #3462 made of Amber Harness leather and #3461 in Black Boundary leather. Both styles are built on a genuine leather-stacked heel and a threequarter Goodyear welt and showcases Red Wing’s premium s.b. Foot Tanning Co. leathers. ”Carol” is part of the Red Wing Heritage Women “Modern” line.

Don’t miss Sarah Begens art at and be amazed by the beauty of all the unique 1 of a kind pieces of art. Here “Carol” style #3462.
All new Red Wing Heritage Women’s Collection styles are available at Red Wing Store Frankfurt or online at


Hi guys, RWS news will not end this autumn. Today the WORK CHUKKA #3148 was launched. In 2010 The Red Wing Shoe Company developed the WORK CHUKKA in black just for the Japanese market. The BLACK CHROME leather of the #3148 is also used on this really tough and rugged Red Wing Engineer #2268. The weight of the leather is HHH, what means that it is about 2.2-2.4 mm thick. This the thickest leather Red Wing Heritage uses for their boots. The #3148 is the 5th WORK CHUKKA style.

Something about the history of the WORK CHUKKAS RWS tells us: “Unlike other Red Wing boots, the chukka was designed for lighter, indoor work that includes bending, climbing and kneeling. Their crepe outsoles allowed these indoor workers to stay comfortable, while not scratching floors or making a mess. From the late 1950s and ‘60s, American fashion style became more rough and casual. actual work denim work wear became one of the fashion trends. The casual trend was also had an effect on the work wear and boots. Ankle height work boots and Chukka work boots where developed and introduced to follow this casual trend. At same time The Red Wing Shoe Compagny started to use the cushion crepe wedge sole for several work boots styles. The functional and novel outsole was incorporated in the Chukka that  was a new work boot at the time. The root of current chukka style #850 was also launched around the same time in 1954. The work chukka was worn mainly in lighter work or in the weekends for leisure and light outdoor activitys.”

The black #3148 and all the other CHUKKA styles are available @ RED WING SHOE STORE FRANKFURT online or in-store. pics | Red Wing Heritage


In the early twentieth century electricity went to nearly all households across the United States. More and more workers, these so called “LINEMEN”, began to lay high voltage lines across the whole country. This was a very dangerous job and so safety gear was required to protect the workers, f.ex. special boots. In 1952 Red Wing Shoes produced their first Lineman style #606. Compare this one with the new #2996 – this is what heritage means! Characteristic for the LINEMAN boot is the lace-to-toe design which means, that the shoe laces go all the way to the toe part for more stable footing, for a tighter fit. Trying the boot on and lace it you will notice this. I like this compact fit. The #2996 features: Cigar Retan leather upper | Leather lining | Lace-to-toe with speed hooks at top | Gusseted tongue | Leather-covered foot bed | Goodyear welt construction | oil resistant signature nitrile cork sole. For sure these boots are made in the USA. The #2996 is exclusively sold @ RED WING STORES around Europe and in Japan. Get your RWS heritage LINEMAN boots @ Red Wing Store Frankfurt online and in-store. pics | LTG | Red Wing Shoes


two days ago i did a trip to B-74 & AMTRAQ DISTRIBUTION order show in FRANKFURT/MAIN to check new stuff and meet some friends. at this evening there was the presentation of the #01 issue RED WING POST and the RWS MUNSON IRON RANGER style #8012 at the RWS STORE FRANKFURT. the publicatiobn and the boot … both are very well done and it was nice that this news were celebrated with a little party along with friends and RED WING aficionados. thx to KAMI, owner of RWS STORE FRANKFURT, and his team for this nice evening. and folks, pick up your free issue of the RED WING POST at your RED WING STORE in FRANKFURT, BERLIN, HAMBURG or MUNICH – the publication is only available at these stores! and it is a must to take a look at the awesome MUNSON boot which is strictly limited and also just available in the RWS stores. pics | LTG


KAMI owner of B-74 and RED WING STORE FRANKFURT, GERMANY, send me some pics of a very nice new shirt: the OPTIMIST SHIRT. this shirt is manufactured by SANGAR, the biggest and oldest shirt making factory in ESTONIA. it is built „with love and care from durable unwashed denim or chambray. these shirt with nicely shaped patch pockets can be worn as light jackets over a dress shirt or tank top, or by itself …“ made of high quality materials from italy. read about the history of OPTIMIST below and enjoy the nice box design – wonderful. KAMI will get the stuff the next days. one shirt is reserved for LTG – for sure! pics | OPTIMIST 


i am really happy to get one of 60 pairs that came strictly limited to europe, because this boot is an absolut must-have-collector-item. the boot is only available @ RED WING STORES. thx KAY from RW STORE BERLING & HAMBURG for reserving the boot. the 9877 was previously sold in JAPAN beside some other styles in that beautiful color: SEQUOIA GOLD. i did a post in october 2011: BOOT OF THE DAY | #91 | LIMITED RED WING BOOT 9871. the 9877 features some details of the first IRISH SETTER production in 1952. so the SEQUOIA colored leather is the original one followed by the famous oro-iginal. only at the top of right boot there are stamped RED WING letters: no corporate wing logo on the boot except the sole which is exactly the same on both boots. inside the 9877 there is the old version of the IRISH SETTER tag – beautiful! boot and RED WING SHOE experts sure will notice the square stitched corners where the leather is fixed to the tongue – an outstanding detail. the boot comes with heavy leather laces and in a wonderful IRISH SETTER labeled box. by the way, the 877 has on another very nice detail: on every eyelet the letters RED WING are engraved. the 877 will leave my collection. my friend PZ will adopt this really nice walked in boot. so i know these boots will be in good hands … pics | LTG