Some day ago I got some news from my buddy WOUTERS co-founder of BUTTS AND SHOULDERS and the man behind the great LONG JOHN blog. They launched their new collection named “THE ROUGH COLLECTION”. this collection “are variations on our beloved virgins”, they say, “The same bold Butts and Shoulders style and the same attention it deserves. Clean and classic with a lot of style!”. So the collection features the 3 classic BAS bags: Travel Bag, Worker Bag – my favorite – and the Post Bag. All models are now availabe in four new treated leather variations: brown (cognac),  dark brown,  dark Green (army) and striped blue/black leather. On every bag the brnading is sprayed by hand. And for sure these great bags will getting even nicer by using them everyday. As all BAS stuff these bags are made in Holland, Europe, in stricly limited quantities. Nice! pics | © BUTTS AND SHOULDERS

Worker bag Dark Brown

Worker bag Striped Brown
Worker bag  Brown
Travel bag Dark Green
Travel Bag Brown

Travel Bag Brown Stripped
Travel Bag Dark Brown
Post Bag Brown
Post Bag Brown Stripped
Post BagDark Brown
Post BagDark Green


sorry, i found another new german GIN : “GRANIT”, made in bavaria, germany. when i saw the bottle design it was a must to get this GIN to try and to put it to my GIN collection. because of getting better photos the bottle is still closed, so i can’t tell you something about the taste. i still have another german gin from SAARLAND, germany, i did not tried and posted too. when i did this, i will do a gin tasting with just all the different german gins i own. i think my editor PETER Z. will help me to judge and comment the gins. GRANIT is a BIO GIN made of 28 different botanicals. classic gin ingredients like citrus, coriander, cardamon are combined with typical bavarian herbages and plants like melissa, german “BÄRWURZ” and gentian – the description sounds really interesting. after aging some months in stoned barrels the gin is filtered through granite stones with different granulations. the gin has BIO quality! every bottle is delivered with a real granite stone which you can use as an ice cube when you put into the refrigerator. great idea, perfect look. the bottlle design and feel is really awesome! it looks so heritage and masculine, bavarian, craftsmanship. when i found GRANIT @ the PENNINGER site i found BLUTWURZ BLACK EDITION with its distinctive design. i don’t know if i will like this dangerous looking drink ever … but this bottle is a must-have too. i will report after the first try. pics | LTG