The last days Frankfurt/M located Concept Store B74 Selected Goods posted some very nice outfit shots on Instagram ›› #b74selectedgoods. From above: Thedi Leathers Jacket made with old Military Canvas & brown Buffalo Leather. The unique Thedi shoulder bag is made out of a stiff brown cowhide Leather. Second combo: Fleurs de Bagne Coat made with Navy British Millerain Fabric, JK Vest from Tellason Navy Duck Canvas with white contrast stitching. Tellason utility Shirt Blue / White checked. Third combo is a complete Tellason outfit: Jacket Olive Field Blouson, Vest Olive JK Vest, Shirt Orange Checked Utility Flanel.The last jacket is a from Thedi Leathers:
Its a combination of waxed Denim and washed Goatskin Leather. Great stuff – Selected Goods by B74! © Photos Kami Hashemi c/o B74 Selected Goods

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F-ABRIC: PRÊT-À-COMPOSTER ›› FREITAG® company was actually just looking for suitable workwear for their employees, but then they realized that they were looking for something that didn’t even exist – a tough, sustainably produced and compostable material made in Europe. So, they decided to develop their own textiles starting from the fiber up that would fulfill their requirements 100 % – and they decided to call them F-ABRIC. The material of the future made from long-forgotten bast fibers is available at FREITAG by B74 SELECTED GOODS in Frankfurt,Germany, and other FREITAG Stores or @ More Information about the upcoming collection will follow this spring. pics | FREITAG by Nadine Ottawa


The last month I presented some stuff from RINOUMA MADE IN JAPAN available @ B74, Frankfurt. Different wallets, brass hooks, leather and brass card cases –  today I will show you the classic RINOUMA bags and a simple but so beautiful belt. The “CITY BAGS” are from RINOUMAS flagship leather combination line named RNBL featuring 20oz. paraffin coating water-resistant canvas, vegetable tanned leather, 2.0 mm-thick cotton tape, #10 YKK Japanese metal zipper with golden brass color, and premium brass metal parts – all materials 100% Japanese. The “CITY BAG” is available with strap and without in 3 different sizes. The leather RINOUMA uses for bags and this beautiful belts is a 4 mm thick grade steer hide which is tanned in one of the highest quality Japanese tanneries since 1937. The Japanese Craftsmen need 20 steps making this leather. It is a very old saddle leather making process with a lot of hand made processes. At first the leather is put to a light tanning pit, than to a little deeper, and so on. It takes about 3 months for a real deep tanning – without any chrome additions. So the leather soaks the maximum of tannin and the density of this gets very deep. Another effect is that the weight gets much heavier compared to normal leather. If you are interested in RINOUMA stuff don’t hesitate to write Kami owner of B74 – – or give him a call +49 69 293329. B74 has a nice and fine selection of RINOUMA stuff in stock. pics | LTG


Amazing: there is a new brand available at B74, Frankfurt, GER. A Japanese one named “RINOUMA – MADE IN JAPAN”. They do wonderful bags, wallets, belts and are specialized in brass, using just Japanese manufactured materials only! Traditional work meets contemporary style. Today I will show you the long & short wallet with a fitting key chain and brass hooks. The wallets are made of steer hide leather tanned in Japan. At first the people at RINOUMA tried to make the wallets of Japanese saddle leather, which was nice, but a little bit too hard and stiff for wallets. So they tried to find a more soft feeling leather. They found a leather which is made by a small second generation family tannery, operating since 1921, in Hyogo, which is the most popular leather making prefecture in Japan. There is a clean river and always good winds for drying the leather – a perfect climate. This is the key to the finest quality for RINOUMA’s leather. It is a 3.3 to 3,7 mm thick steer hide leather. Craftsman add oil to the leather by hand for a varnishing finish. So the wallets get this so nice touch and feel. The brown color is also very clean and beautiful dyed. RINOUMA just uses premium Japanese brass parts. The zips run easy and the buttons work perfect. Men, take a look at these nice hooks. The key hook and the one with the wallet chain have a light bend, and so they hang perfect at your belt loop. Hooks and chain are handmade and made of 100% Japanese brass. Chains are manufactured by a vintage “chain-making-machine” older than 50 years. The hooks have such a wonderful matte finish which feels so nice. For me a perfect combination to the short wallet – I love it. AND, every piece is comes in a green paraffin coating canvas sack! If you got curios or interested in the great Japanese RINOUMA stuff, please write Kami owner of B74 – – or give him a call: +49 69 293329. The next days I will show more RINOUMA stuff. You’ll like it – I am sure! pics | LTG


Helmet Bag? Since weeks this bag is my daily carrier – sure not for working: FILSON rules! –, but for all other activities. Sometimes I even take it as my sports bag – my soccer shoes and a towel fit into this bag and a 1 ltr. bottle of mineral water too. The bag is lightweight, made of nylon, has three interior pockets a shoulder strap so that I easily can take it with me on the bike. The zip is a heavy one and the lining soft. Just perfect – hope it will last forever! Take a look at the photos what I got with me when I was @ the doctors this morning. About the look we have do not have to speak: it’s simple, classic, without any useless shit, military inspired – perfect. Bought this bag last year @ It was and is not online and I do not know if he has some more in stock. Ask him! pics | LTG


Some day ago I got some news from my buddy WOUTERS co-founder of BUTTS AND SHOULDERS and the man behind the great LONG JOHN blog. They launched their new collection named “THE ROUGH COLLECTION”. this collection “are variations on our beloved virgins”, they say, “The same bold Butts and Shoulders style and the same attention it deserves. Clean and classic with a lot of style!”. So the collection features the 3 classic BAS bags: Travel Bag, Worker Bag – my favorite – and the Post Bag. All models are now availabe in four new treated leather variations: brown (cognac),  dark brown,  dark Green (army) and striped blue/black leather. On every bag the brnading is sprayed by hand. And for sure these great bags will getting even nicer by using them everyday. As all BAS stuff these bags are made in Holland, Europe, in stricly limited quantities. Nice! pics | © BUTTS AND SHOULDERS

Worker bag Dark Brown

Worker bag Striped Brown
Worker bag  Brown
Travel bag Dark Green
Travel Bag Brown

Travel Bag Brown Stripped
Travel Bag Dark Brown
Post Bag Brown
Post Bag Brown Stripped
Post BagDark Brown
Post BagDark Green


this pretty thing isn’t mine. UWE E. MAIER c/o AMTRAQ DISTRIBUTION gave it to me filled with new TELLASON STUFF just borrowed. this charcoal colored EVERYDAY TOTE by TANNER GOODS is so nice worn in and broken in that i had to take some pics before giving it back. the bag is constructed from a strout of waxed 18 oz. filter twill canvas and HORWEEN RICH CHROMEXCEL leather. all components are secured by solid brass rivets and four button studs. it has external pockets, a zippered pocket inside and adjustable straps. the dimensions are 15″ tall x 13″ wide x 6″ deep. so nice – UWE, you own a wonderful tote bag. pics | LTG


a week ago i got a mail from my friend WOUTER the guy behind LONG JOHN in which he wrote about a new brand named BUTTS AND SHOULDERS. WOUTER created BAS in collabaration with friends which share the same authentic passion he does. together they had the idea to create the ultimate travel bag. and now you can see the result after one year testing. 50 bags were made in the first run. here some more facts WOUTER told me: “Our Butts and Shoulders bag is made of 100% natural vegetable leather. We call it virgin leather. The moment you unpack it, you are starting the unique ageing process. By using it, touching it and even by exposing it to daylight the looks of this unique bag will change. The more you will use it, the more beautifull it gets. Like a true friendship that will grow over time., Butts and Shoulders will be your buddy for the rest of your life. Every bag will be delivered with a leather certificate with the unique bag number. The certificate reminds you to the start of the ‘virgin’ leather and it’s also the testimony of the registered original. The bag is 100% made in Holland.” in the following you can find some more facts with the pics. it is an exciting project and i am really interesting what will happen next. you can get this unique bag with your personal choice of the limited number you want to get @ the BUTTS AND SHOULDERS online shop. pics | BUTT AND SHOULDERS