You all know that I am addicted to TELLASON. And I am so happy and satisfied with my beloved pairs of Gustave styles in different ounces, but, damn, this piece of denim Uwe E. Maier c/o Amtraq Distribution gave me last week is the best. I love this “Ladbroke Grove”, named after a quarter of London where The Clash frontman Joe Strummer grew up, slim tapered fit in 18oz pink selvedge denim from the mill Collect Kojima in Japan from the first wear on. What a perfect fit with this 18oz.! It is a limited edition made for the 10th anniversary of Tellason (TEN), made in San Francisco, Cal., USA. So special, because only 150 pieces were produced and just 115 pieces were shipped to Europe. And me I am a lucky one … because I got one! Be fast to get one of the 114 that are left … Get your pair at VMC Originals, Zürich, or ask Amtraq Distr. for more stockists ›› This is not just another piece of Life Time Gear … no, it is a really special piece of Life Time Gear!!!

© Photos: Life Time Gear | #unbezahltewerbung


Helmet Bag? Since weeks this bag is my daily carrier – sure not for working: FILSON rules! –, but for all other activities. Sometimes I even take it as my sports bag – my soccer shoes and a towel fit into this bag and a 1 ltr. bottle of mineral water too. The bag is lightweight, made of nylon, has three interior pockets a shoulder strap so that I easily can take it with me on the bike. The zip is a heavy one and the lining soft. Just perfect – hope it will last forever! Take a look at the photos what I got with me when I was @ the doctors this morning. About the look we have do not have to speak: it’s simple, classic, without any useless shit, military inspired – perfect. Bought this bag last year @ It was and is not online and I do not know if he has some more in stock. Ask him! pics | LTG


i just own 3 IRON HEART shirts and i love these so much. after some stiffness when wearing the 11 and 12oz shirts the first times, they got smoother and smoother and meanwhile i am so satisfied of best fit and a great comfort feeling. and i think, that these will never be broken down – life time gear – what a great quality. the care isn’t a problem: cold wash, inside out and taking at once out of the wash machine when ready you don’t even need to iron it. no shrinking, nothing. these shirts are made in japan and have a lot of nice details you can check up in the photos. in fall i wore the shirts as a jacket, sometimes combined with a vest depending on the weather conditions. here i combined the shirts with deadstock indigo duck canvas JACK/KNIFE hunting vest and a JOE McCOy bandana. the shirts and the bandana are available @ and the vest is from B-74, frankfurt, germanypics | LTG


when i visited AKRAM founder and owner of KLAR in darmstadt, germany, last week he showed me these nice frames. AKRAM told me that he sells MASUNAGA since 2012 – hm, i did not know this … anyway, now i took notice of this wonderful classic frames which must be made with such a passion and precision – so nice to touch and put it on the nose. great. the look? perfect old school, timeless. MASUNAGA was founded in 1905 by GOZAEMON MASUNAGA in FUKUI, JAPAN where 97% of optical frames were once made. he wanted to produce glasses that are better than the rest of the country. he did: from this time on till today each piece of MASUNAGA eyewear is made by hand. the glasses are made with the finest materials including silver accents and polished japanese acetate.  MASUNAGA  glasses are well known for their details. i am still absolutely hooked by this wonderful simple, classic but modern look. check their website and the actual collections, the optical ones as well as the sunglasses and learn more infos about the brand. and for sure a MASUNAGA will be my next frame. pics | LTG



after a five months break i will continue my LTG BOOT & SHOE COLLECTION series. the boot today is really outstanding and this not only because of the price – this one is so well done and crafted. it is a replica of the N-1 official US NAVY BOOT during WWII, which was called the “BOONDOCKER”. the people at REAL McCOY’S found an original boot which was really hard to find. and from this boot they took all the specifications and made a – sorry for me – one of the most perfect boots, you can get today. love the triple stitching details and enjoy the perfect fitting day by day. i got my boots from but he did not put these nice pieces online. another option here in europe is superdenim in the UK. important: size down half a number (US size). pics | LTG

date of buying | end 2013
size | 9 D
height | 6 inch
leather | cow hide suede; treated eith dubbin by hand to offer water restsitance
pull loop | no
hardware | eyelets
laces | cotton, 7 holes
sole | rubber & cord “RAW CORD”
half slip | yes
heel base | straight
heel height | standard
mid sole | standard leather,  brown
toe design | plain toe
insole | leather footbed
welt | leather welt
steel toe | NO
category | replica US NAVY BOOT WWII, made in JAPAN


my mum, dad and my brother’s family gave me this japanese shaving razor as a present to my birthday in january. since years i shave my beard with a knife, but the one i used was a soft and very light version from TONDEO – check my post about shaving some weeks ago. my new knife is a shaving razor with changeable blades, too, but much heavier and bigger in comparison to the TONDEO COMFORT CUT. really similar to a traditional shaving razor. it is a FEATHER SHAVING RAZOR ARTIST CLUB DX knife, made in japan, and it is offered by . it works so perfect. much better and less difficult in use than the light TONDEO razor. no cuts, no hurts, just smooth in use and easy to handle. i think after using this knife a while i will try someday a classic one which has no changeable blades – i am sure i will do! pics | LTG


last week KLAUS got his ROCKY MOUNTAIN FEATHERBED order. for years i wanted to check up this stuff but i did not know a dealer in germany to take a look at. now i know one! and i must tell you the vests and parkas are how i like to say “grosses kino!”. i love the classic look, especially the leather western yokes at each vest on the shoulder part. my absolute favorite is the black CHRISTY VEST but also take a look at the other pieces below: awesome color combinations and materials. all vests have a shearling lined leather collar, special made NYLON TAFFETA for a crispy touch, white goose down blended with feather for best volume and heat insulation, double action handwarmer pockets with a zipped interior pocket. made in japan. great detail: the western pearl snaps of the black and the antique denim vest. pics | LTG &