Originally these TIMEX x RED WING SHOES COLLABORATION WATCHES were just sold in Japan. Online in Europe just @ endclothing but right now RED WING SHOE STORE FRANKFURT got a strictly limited supply. You can buy the watches online – the only dealer in Germany – or directly in the store. The collaboration watch is available in three styles and sizes: 38 mm, 40 mm and a 42 mm Chrono. Each watch features vintage-inspired dials, stainless steel casing, is up to 50 meters water resistant, INDIGLO@ Night Light and Quick Date®. But the icing on the cake is that each watch is outfitted with an awesome premium leather strap supplied by the master tanners at RED WING SHOES – handcrafted for sure! I don’t know exactly what leather color the strap has. It is similar to the famous Oro-Legacy (oil tanned) former known as Oro-iginal but a little bit darker, no more colorful. This leather is used for the icons #875 Moc Toe and #877 Irish Setter. The watches come in a very nice designed box. For a timepiece styled on historic designs with a premium leather band that will age beautifully these watches are incredibly affordable check it @ RED WING FRANKFURT’s ONLINE STORE or directly in the store … remember: these are strictly limited! pics LTG | RWS


As a constant reader of LTG Blog you must know that I love to get limited things. So it was with this beautiful Timex Archive watch. As a great fan of 1ST PAT–RN stuff I am so happy to own #38 of just 130 produced pieces. And guys, hurry up, there are just a few left @ THE BUREAU – last restock! Her just some facts:
_ Utility watch taken from The Waterbury collection with a 24hr military dial
_ quartz movement
_ Indiglo technology
_ water resistant to 50m
_ stainless steel case
_ an exclusive reversible Mil/Trad spec strap.
So old school, so classical, so simple … so nice. Cristiano Berto owner and founder of 1ST PAT–RN about the collaboration watch: “Inspiration and research was important part of the process when I’ve worked with Timex Archive staff to create the 1ST PAT-RN project. Often, especially in watchmaking, it’s easy to see out there some “re-issued” or “remake” or “homage”. It’s a easy process that does not involve so much time: just see a piece, and reproduce it. Done! No pain!  I don’t like so much that way when I design. Everything.  For the Timex Archive X 1ST PAT-RN project I have try to apply my method, exactly the same I use for my collection.  I’m started on a old Timex watch from my archive bought 23 years ago. Made in Great Britan. I’ve study any detail and working as my method always drive me (make it clean, simple and finally, chic) I have “clean” all the “surplus” details: my question was “what make this old Timex watch great?” The anwer was easy: “combination of font shapes and white, red colors” and I have try to work *only* with this three elements, place them in the fantastic Waterbury case, sized 38 mm. and use a vintage shaped plexy: simple ingredients and the Timex staff made all the great job to realize this. The result, in my opinion, was exactly what I have expected: simple, chic, easy to read. The strap is another great story to tell …” Check Cristianos FB site to read – interesting for sure! So here just some impressions and detail shots of this awesome life time gear piece. pics | LTG