Amazing: there is a new brand available at B74, Frankfurt, GER. A Japanese one named “RINOUMA – MADE IN JAPAN”. They do wonderful bags, wallets, belts and are specialized in brass, using just Japanese manufactured materials only! Traditional work meets contemporary style. Today I will show you the long & short wallet with a fitting key chain and brass hooks. The wallets are made of steer hide leather tanned in Japan. At first the people at RINOUMA tried to make the wallets of Japanese saddle leather, which was nice, but a little bit too hard and stiff for wallets. So they tried to find a more soft feeling leather. They found a leather which is made by a small second generation family tannery, operating since 1921, in Hyogo, which is the most popular leather making prefecture in Japan. There is a clean river and always good winds for drying the leather – a perfect climate. This is the key to the finest quality for RINOUMA’s leather. It is a 3.3 to 3,7 mm thick steer hide leather. Craftsman add oil to the leather by hand for a varnishing finish. So the wallets get this so nice touch and feel. The brown color is also very clean and beautiful dyed. RINOUMA just uses premium Japanese brass parts. The zips run easy and the buttons work perfect. Men, take a look at these nice hooks. The key hook and the one with the wallet chain have a light bend, and so they hang perfect at your belt loop. Hooks and chain are handmade and made of 100% Japanese brass. Chains are manufactured by a vintage “chain-making-machine” older than 50 years. The hooks have such a wonderful matte finish which feels so nice. For me a perfect combination to the short wallet – I love it. AND, every piece is comes in a green paraffin coating canvas sack! If you got curios or interested in the great Japanese RINOUMA stuff, please write Kami owner of B74 – info@b-74.de – or give him a call: +49 69 293329. The next days I will show more RINOUMA stuff. You’ll like it – I am sure! pics | LTG


i just own 3 IRON HEART shirts and i love these so much. after some stiffness when wearing the 11 and 12oz shirts the first times, they got smoother and smoother and meanwhile i am so satisfied of best fit and a great comfort feeling. and i think, that these will never be broken down – life time gear – what a great quality. the care isn’t a problem: cold wash, inside out and taking at once out of the wash machine when ready you don’t even need to iron it. no shrinking, nothing. these shirts are made in japan and have a lot of nice details you can check up in the photos. in fall i wore the shirts as a jacket, sometimes combined with a vest depending on the weather conditions. here i combined the shirts with deadstock indigo duck canvas JACK/KNIFE hunting vest and a JOE McCOy bandana. the shirts and the bandana are available @ volls.de and the vest is from B-74, frankfurt, germanypics | LTG